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Hey there! I'm Noni, 19, from Inverness, Scotland, but currently living in Basingstoke. My pronouns are they/them or she/her, and I'll get back to on gender as soon as I know myself.

My blog is a bit of a mish-mash of random things, but you can usually expect social justice, various fandoms (doctor who, elementary, sherlock, harry potter, and others), and lots of pretty pink stuff.

This blog is occasionally NSFW

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is this a nature spirit

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Christian Bale is going to play Moses and where oh where are all the white people who are always so angry about race bending and historical accuracy??? Where are you??? Why are you not outraged??? I thought movies had to be historically accurate and races should never change from the source material???

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when you genuinely like and care for someone but can’t express it without being weird


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>watching subbed anime

>switch tabs

>remember that i cant understand japanese

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Real friends pretend not to notice when you sing the wrong lyrics

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Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980

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there are honestly tears in my eyes because everything after stage five is so funny

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Baby laughing while getting shots

> Rock star doctor.

I don’t care how old he will be I’m taking my future children to him

My heart!

He’s amazing!

This is not a doctor this is a god damn magician

Awwww omggggg. I want him to be my child’s doctor.

I can’t handle the level of adorableness that just happened.

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Sansa Stark meme: 1/10 scenes

“Sansa!” The boyish shout rang across the yard; Joffrey had seen her. “Sansa, here!”

He calls me as if he were calling a dog, she thought.

what I really love about this scene is that Sansa is trying to emotionally manipulate Joffrey into going to the most dangerous area of the fight. Don’t tell me she’s just a passive player, she picks her battles where she can and this is her shining moment of defiance. 

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